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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I agree for the most part I'm just saying that the Arab Spring wasn't quite all some people made it out to be, that is, it wasn't all good. I think what you are seeing now is many Egyptian people figuring out that just because they went through a mock democratic process does not mean they are anywhere close to being "free", not with radical islamic factions strong arming the supposed democratic process.

From the article I read, the uprisings in the port towns are not being suppressed by the military because they know they are between a rock and a hard place, that is, if Egypt is really a democracy then these people have a right to voice their opinion. They don't have a right to just randomly destroy stuff, but they do have a right to say "hey, this sucks and we aren't benefitting from 'democracy!'". I think these military leaders see the situation for what it is, a bunch of BS.

JMHO of course.
I agree, but I do not think the Leader really cares about protests unless they are destructive. I just hope the military steps in and ousts the leaders. The military is still quite respected by the people.
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Thought this was an interesting article from the former manager of Tinariwen

For anyone that hasn't heard, it's great stuff.
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