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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
I'd like to give you the opportunity for you to back your mouth up. Straight faced

I created a online forum profile to talk broncos football when I didn't live in demver. I came here to get broncos content and to interreact with other fans.The quality of this forum is not what it once was, due in large to theposters. The trolling, the posters who got the pass credentials pulled because they wanted to call the owner a gutless drunk Etc. Taco john has given the ability for posters to speak their minds freely which is awesome but woth it comes ****s like you.I am no drama queen, if I had been responded to a bit sooner, you would have never seen this. Once I'm gone, I'm gone. So feel free to say whatever you'd like, so you can win the war of words.
Even while you and Baja got all drama the last few days, the only thing I said about you was that you were angry. It is hard to say or think otherwise especially which sounds like a threat. I never said anything bad about your thread. It was a good thread for Broncos cuts. Be mad at Gutless for making a duplicate thread. Seems you are so angry about not getting any love for your thread that you feel the need to leave. All I ask is either cool down amd rethink it or don't look back and do what you say.
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