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Allen Iverson

Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
I need the definitive word from Nuggets4...

Sorry about 'Dre, though. But you still have the other "Dre.....

But all in all an excellent and timely move. Maybe the playoffs won't slip away this year.
My cat, named after Miller, is sad. That said, we'll both be fine when Iverson leads us past the first round this year. I'm amped. I wish Dre nothing but the best (and still need to get a 3rd jersey with the #24 Miller on the back), but we had to do the deal.

BTW, those of you that haven't been posting on the board with the "insider" have NO idea how big of a steal we almost got. The three-way deal that was going to go down was unbelievably sick.
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