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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
Hopefully this is the last time that you say that, because its nonsense.

Jason Terry dreamed of playing with a contender, and specifically with Dallas. Comparing the two is pointless because Terry has a completely different mindset about basketball. You are kidding yourself if you think Iverson is willing to give up shots to come off of the bench, like Terry happily volunteered to do in his first season with Dallas. Iverson doesnt even have the integrity to take practice seriously. What makes you think that he's going to make decisions that hurt his legacy (ppg average) for the betterment of the career of Carmelo Anthony?

Iverson has never been a team player. Not even on the US natl. team. He wont take a backseat to anyone. He thinks that he's Micheal Jordan, but he doesnt understand that MJ was a winner and Iverson is a career .500 player.
Practice, practice, practice. Bill Russell NEVER practiced and he won more NBA championships than any player in the history of the game. He HATED practice so he didn't do it. So lets let that rest, okay?

And keep thinking what you will about Iverson, we are soon to find out why type of mentality he has on the basketball court.
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