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Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Llama, is you think this is such a bad match, why do you care so much? It seems to me that if you think this is a bad trade for a young WC team, that you'd be saying "Cool, one less team to contend with". Seems to me like you are not addressing the fact that Melo, AI and JR could be lethal together. every championship team has had at least 2 guys that commanded the ball and that could take over a game. AI get to play along side the first superstar of his career.

I dont like the deal because I dont like Iverson. Now I have to see his sideshow act 2 more times a year. Also, I like Anthony and I like the city of Denver. Now Iverson's thuggish mug will be included on Denver oriented sports sites that I visit. I wish he would have stayed on the east coast, and out of the spaces that I visit, but I have no control over that. I can laugh at him though.
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