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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
I think Masai has done a fantastic job with what he has been given and the reality that is operating a small-market team in the NBA. I hope he isn't shown the door. Now with that said, they should be looking high and low for a replacement for Karl. I don't want to throw him out if there is no talent but he has proven time and again that his players succeed despite him when the playoffs start.

And for the love of God, please find an actual two way center or power-forward.
Karl is not going anywhere and Masai has said as much. I think Karl will play out his contract which I believe ends at the end of next year. If he fails to advance in the playoffs again, they will probably go another direction.

Vic Lombardi has stated their number one priority is to sign Kyle Korver to add a sharp shooter to the roster. This is greatly needed and I think would make this team very tough with Korver and a healthy Gallo. If htey can add a back-to-the-basket low post threat they would be very very tough.
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