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Originally Posted by azbroncfan View Post
33-2 over past 35. Every other team to do the same won the title. Llama made this thread because the suns have him nervous and his arguments couldn't be farther from the truth.
All of the arguments I made in this thread are still valid today. They are all oriented to whether or not the Suns will be able to take down superior playoff-style teams when it really counts. Look again, the thread doesnt say "the Suns suck HAHAHA l-o-l!!!!!" is entitled "Suns Still Lacking."

By the early returns, it doesnt look like the Suns have made any advances. They have made a living off of broken and beaten down teams so far. Their record against the West's top teams speaks volumes for itself.

I'll eat my words if they end up winning the West, but I still dont think that they can do it. They arent equipped. Looking down the pike at the rest of the season, it looks like Phoenix will end up in second place, playing the Lakers, Rockets, Jazz, or maybe the Nuggets in the first round, and then the Spurs in the second round.

Given how evenly the Lakers and Clippers played PHX last season in the playoffs, I dont see how any Suns fan couldnt be worried that a vastly improved Laker squad or a McGrady/Yao Rockets team or a hungry and talented Utah team could knock them off in round 1. Then they would have to beat a highly efficient and disciplined Spurs team with loads of playoff toughness. If they got through the Spurs in one piece, it would be off to play the Mavs, who are the best team in the NBA. That's quite a gauntlet.
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