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Originally Posted by azbroncfan View Post
and Mavs don't look too good either. Actually I was wrong 8 straight, but Llama hates the suns and loves taking shots at them.
I wrote that little piece in the preseason after I had seen several of the Suns' preseason games.

In saying that I like taking shots at the Suns, you are only abstractly correct. I love Nash as a player and as a person. He's a quality guy. He's fun to root for. Remember, he was an all-star in Dallas before he was in Phoenix. I like Marion. It's a shame that that organization almost kicked him to the curb a couple of times. I like Raja (even though he's a really dirty player), who is another former Mav. I like Barbosa. He's an authentically humble kid.

I do not like "The Suns" because they are a media creation. "The Suns" are better than they really are. "The Suns" dont have an old PG with chronic back problems. "The Suns" dont keep getting shelved by better teams. "The Suns" have a legitimate shot at a championship. We all know that that is a figment of some NBA marketing manager's imagination.
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