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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
Dirk isn't even the MVP of his own team much less the NBA. Jason Terry is the guy who makes the Mavs go and he alone has to burden the load of stepping up at the end of the games because Dirk is pissing his shorts.

Dirk is the modern day Adrian Dantley. All stats, no substance, no championship rings.

When it is all said and done, Dirk won't even be a hall of famer. Too many unclutch performances to get serious consideration.
Get out of here with that bull****. Dirk will be in the Hall of Fame. Dirk is still the man to beat in the MVP race. Dirk will still be the one carrying his team in the trophy hunt this postseason. Do you ever think about these things before writing them? Or are you so blind that you'll take ONE game as a representative of the 81 others?

And get ready to see your precious Celtics dismantled tomorrow night. I don't care that they're a bad team and that Dallas is the automatic winner, but the Mavs will run through that junk without looking back.

Dirk was bad down the stretch last night, admittedly. But anyone taking away his MVP chances after ONE game is an idiot. Look at the full body of work. Hell, look back to the last time these two teams played and Dirk putting it away with just over a second left. Oh, how quick we are to forget.

Let's also see that Dirk put up 30/16/6. Nash had 32 and the obviously better run late in the game. Dirk missed a free throw in a REGULAR SEASON game. Had he made that shot, we wouldn't even be talking about this today. Period.

Floor Time statistics
Min Net Pts Off Def Net48 W L Win%
94% +63 112.2 85.4 26.8 21 7 75.0%
These stats represent how the team performed in clutch situations while the player was on the floor.
The Net48 number shows the average +/- net points over a full game.

Floor Time statistics
Min Net Pts Off Def Net48 W L Win%
85% +50 118.5 100.8 17.7 22 11 66.7%

Dirk has been more "clutch" than Nash this season. Stop the bull**** hating after only one game. Afterall, Dirk and Nash were still on their respective teams the last two times these teams met and I seem to recall that Dallas won both of those. And if we really want to take a look back, then we can replay Dirk's 50+ against the Suns in last year's playoffs.
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