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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Aside from having a lay up draft pick (Von Miller) in potentially the best top heavy draft in NFL history and picking up a QB with money, what else has Elway done?

You're going to find out just how good Elway's GM skills are in a year or two when Manning hangs em up. The Broncos wouldn't even be at .500 with an average QB right now.
Not too many teams are over .500 with an average to below average QB. We were the worst team just a few years ago. Just look at your team. Do you think Cassel takes this team to the playoffs like Alex Smith will be doing?

Plus, we got Manning with a lower bid than other teams (and I am sure your Chiefs would have offered more than Denver). Elway had faith that his surgery was a success and Manning would have no issues with it. You, the armchair GM, thought Manning wouldn't be his old self because of the injuries and guess who was correct? Elway was a major factor in the decision for Manning to get here and get us to probably the division title....again.
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