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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27
I'll repeat what I said earlier a little differently this time. When you come in here, you have to pass a WARNING sign on the front door that ought to clue you in that this place is populated by...shall we say...somewhat less than civil human beings...and that you ought to be aware of the fact that nobody's in here baby sitting.

Now suppose you stroll down the block one night and happen upon something that looks like this in your neighbors yard:

A smart chap might conclude that if he decides to hop the fence and poke Brutus in the eye with a stick he might get his butt chewed off. So if you decide to go ahead and do so anyway...are you going to ring the door bell and whine to the owner that his big doggie bit a chunk oughta your ***?

I think not.
In this day and age...nope, you just sue the dog owner and take him for all he has! lol j/k

Seriously, though, I'd rather keep the un-civil conversations here, seperated from the main boards. That way, if I choose to come in here, then I choose to come in here. On that same note, I also think that if you CHOOSE to post in here, you CHOOSE to put your own neck out on a limb and have no business complaining to TJ or any other mod about personal attacks on you...whether they are right or wrong or uncalled for. Personally, I'm not a glutton for punishment!
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