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Originally Posted by freak15
I think the Mavs will win it. I really think that Avery Johnson just got outcoached the last 5 minutes though. The Spurs got some really good looks and should have beaten them worse.
Avery hasnt gotten that art down yet. He doesnt know how to effectively work the refs like Pop and the Whiny Floppers do, and he isnt getting favorable matchups for his players down the stretch. That last play was called for Stackhouse. Why go to that guy when Terry and Dirk have been so great late for Dallas? stackhouse rewarded his trust by stepping back into an impossible shot when he could have easily found Josh Howard standing right beside him.

Avery will have to start being more assertive with the officials. Watching a Spurs game is like watching the old buddy Spurs and their old buddy officials have a conference on how they can circumvent fair play to get the officiating advantage. Avery needs to consistently get in there and bust that stuff up. He needs to let the refs know that he's there too, and that when his guys break down the perimeter only to get slammed in the restricted area by the rotating defenders, that they need to get the same calls that the Spurs get. This game was so close that every one of those plays matter. If Avery needs to get a tech to make his point, then that's what he needs to do.

The Mavs were in position to take game 1 on the road. The flubbed up a last second play (Stack is an idiot), and lost. The Mavs did look rusty and the Spurs looked crisp. For the Mavs to win the series, they are going to need better showings from Dirk, Howard, and Terry who all had sub-par second halves on the offensive end. Dirk had a great game rebounding and defending, but he's going to have to start getting to the line more if his shot is not falling. His team needs him to score too. Howard and Dirk both had excellent first halves. Terry just never showed up.

Howard completely disappeared in the second half. He has this really bad habit of being an unpredictably streaky player. His streak ended when the second half whistle blew. He rebounded well for his position and played okay on Ginobili, but he's got to be the guy that takes advantage of the mismatch afforded with Horry covering him on the perimeter. This matchup will decide the series. His 5 turnovers beat Dallas. They need him to beat his man and get to the basket, not lose the ball on traveling violations and bad handling displays.
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