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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
Okay, here's the interesting question. Who gets the shots?

Anyone familiar with the NBA knows that Iverson is an unapologetic volume shooter, who has a high usage rate (5th in the NBA) - meaning he has to have the ball in his hands most of the time, and he ends up shooting much of that time. For instance, Iverson shot the ball 24.4 times a game while in Philly this season. He made 10 of those for .413%, which isnt a good %. Now, the Sixers shot the ball 78.0 times a game. That means that Iverson took roughly 1/3 of the sum total shots of the entire team.

Carmelo Anthony shoots the ball 24 times a game as well. Denver shoots about 86 shots a game.

The Nuggets surely cant survive with those two guys taking a combined 48/86 shots a game, well over 50 % of the total. That would mean that Camby and JR Smith's shots would be reduced as well. I dont know if both of those players would be alright with taking 3-5 less shots a game.
For the last time, Iverson has never played on a team with decent scorers.

How did Jet Terry handle going from over 20 a game with the Hawks to playing with Dirk and Howard? And that guy isn't even a pass first PG.

Get a grip.
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