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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Action View Post
Beadles was not as horrible as some of you tend to make it. He had trouble in pass blocking last year but he was a good run blocker...

Just because I said he's good doesn't mean he's great or pro bowl status...

And Tebow at QB wasn't doing the line any favors.
Actually his run blocking was not good. He would sometimes struggle to get off his block and to the next level, and when he did he wouldn't block anyone. It became a joke on here where some speculated Beadles was just trying to race the running back rather than block for him.

I agree that playing with Orton and then Tebow didn't help his protection numbers, but what about his 40 yards of penalties last year? And Tebow had was a big reason the run game looked so good.

Beadles has always had the talent. He'd have stretches where he'd look really good, but then he'd have occasional huge mental lapses when he'd just let a guy through. He is definitely playing better this year.
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