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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Has there been any discussion on the Mane about why we don't ever have a FB RB set where the RB can follow the FB through a hole? It seems to me like in the last two games we could've used a FB to help force open a gap for the tailback.
A big reason that FBs are going out of vogue (obviously spreads are the PRIMARY reason) is that many, many running backs like to choose their hole, but the whole benefit of a fullback comes from running behind and cutting off their block.

But football isn't as "hit this hole" simple as it used to be, and, generally speaking, a RBs vision is superior to a FBs.

If Gronk and McGahee stick around, they can develop that kind of Jones-Drew and Greg Jones chemistry of what each other likes and will do and succeed off of it, but sadly, that's become pretty rare in this day and age.
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