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Kelly Brook

Originally Posted by bombay View Post

Ah. In order to be governor of Florida, one must be 30 years old, and have lived in the state for the previous 7 years. I could see him maintaining an offseason home in Fla for that purpose. He could exercise huge influence from such a platform, including advancing his religious ideals. I see it as highly possible.

Unless he just wants to start a ministry, he's going to need a platform from which to wield influence and, frankly, power.
that's really a stretch. but if you're one of those people, and clearly you are, that thinks there are always ulterior motives behind the actions of those you dislike, i don't doubt you lay awake at night worrying about some far off future day when a person with good moral conviction and an unassailable character (such as Tebow) might somebody be elected to office to represent the wishes of their voters... gasp. the horror!
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