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There's a specific number of players that HAVE to be on the LOS. Motioning a player does nothing to effect who and how many you can get that jam off of... a SE will still be an SE and a Flanker will still be a flanker...
I know this. But you can choose to line up your #1 receiver in the slot or put him in motion to counter the jam. That was my point.

Clearly you dont understand this.

It's specifically DESIGNED to help coverage limitations by attacking the pocket...
I understand that it basically boils down to trying to get 1-on-1 blocking situations to generate pressure, and that that can help your coverage if you win those 1-on-1 matchups. But even with dominant pass rushers at those five positions (right now we have two), you aren't going to always win those match ups, or at least not immediately (and offenses are going to use TE's and RB's to help out, so you really aren't getting true 1-on-1's anyway). So you need solid coverage units or you are going to end up leading the league in big plays given up very quickly (especially playing press coverage all the time). Live by the blitz, die by the blitz. What you are advocating is definitely living by the blitz.

Maybe press coverage can completely, or almost completely, negate short timing routes. I'm not convinced, but I suppose if the scheme was implemented really well and we add another solid pass rusher or two, it's possible. Even then, you're still looking at being very vulnerable to big plays without some really good talent in the defensive backfield.
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