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That's not true at all...
Care to elaborate? As far as I'm aware, motioning receivers has long been used to counter press coverage as it allows you to get a receiver moving and off the line of scrimmage before the snap (particularly if you motion a receiver and snap the ball as he's moving). The slot position is likewise off the line of scrimmage and therefore harder to jam.

Bailey was a predominantly a press corner for the first half of his career. Goodman IS a joke in general. Harris played a lot of press snaps this past year and Vaughn was a man-cover corner.

Also C1 would be asking our safeties to do what they did most of the season, so no point there either.
Bailey hasn't played that style in years, and isn't the athlete he was when he was younger. And our safeties failed utterly in their coverage duties this season, so that seems to be a pretty big issue actually.

You also didn't mention the MLB coverage. Don't you think we would need a MLB who had elite coverage skills to really make this work?

Again, what you are advocating is blitzing nearly every down with at least one extra guy, and that comes with serious problems. No matter what formation you use.
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