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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I read somewhere that we shouldn't go after Del Rio because he'd be getting head coaching offers in 2 or 3 years. If that were the case then it would mean he'd done a great job FFS.

The thing that does concern me is that he's already getting paid over a million bucks to sit at home this year and his son is apparently a serious QB (in FL or Cali... I forget). Maybe we need Von Miller to bring JDR to Vegas.
The Broncos have a stable, devensive-minded Head Coach in John Fox. The defense improved from worst-in-the-league to 24th. The defense is still crappy, but EFX appears to be hell-bent on adding more defensive talent. The Broncos team overall is improving rapidly, and coming off a playoff win against the formidable Steelers.

There are no remaining HC spots in the NFL. If I was JDR (who got fired from his last HC gig), I would make a bee-line to the airport to sign the papers.
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