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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
There will be other candidates though, Mike Klis pointed out yesterday that Fox had no relationship with Allen prior to hiring him (and if you remember, Jim Mora Jr. was the original 1st choice - a former HC himself) but rather found out about him through a network of friends - in this instance, he called his buddy Sean Payton from their Giants days who gave him a good recommendation. So there is a larger pool since Fox has been around so long and has a lot of friends around the league. You add in Elway's contacts and realistically there's a crap load of guys they could look it, but my first guess would be Del Rio makes a lot of sense.
This is so much more encouraging than when we had that young punk for HC who had no NFL contacts and relied on his agent to recommend his 1st DC and he pulled his second from either HS or College ranks.

This is what hiring an experienced HC gives you, loads of options to go with the experience.
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