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Originally Posted by schaaf View Post
Hey Raj, you heard anything about the possibility of Del Rio
He was having drinks with Fox in Mobile the day after Allen took the Oakland gig. I'd say he's the likely favorite at this point - especially with Dean Peas taking the Ravens job and Smith looking like he's going to Oakland to be their DC.

My guess is the job is his if he wants it, which isn't a sure thing because he's going to be paid the same amount to sit at home this year if he wants and his kid is a top HS QB recruit. With that, he was in Mobile which is where coaches hunt for jobs so unless he was there to catch up with friends, he'd likely be interested.

The concern I'm sure is the long-term consistency as he already interviewed for KC's HCing job so he wants to move back into that role and you'd have to imagine he and McCoy will be getting interviewed again next year. With that, I've noticed most good HCs dont avoid hiring guys that might leave but rather encourage their development as it tends to make them better coaches. Also, if a HC gets a rep for being a guy who develops other HCs then some of the best assistants will want to be a part of that. So I wouldn't think the Broncos would avoid Del Rio out of fear he leaves to become a HC again. If he doesn't become the DC, it would be for other reasons (on either side) IMO.

There will be other candidates though, Mike Klis pointed out yesterday that Fox had no relationship with Allen prior to hiring him (and if you remember, Jim Mora Jr. was the original 1st choice - a former HC himself) but rather found out about him through a network of friends - in this instance, he called his buddy Sean Payton from their Giants days who gave him a good recommendation. So there is a larger pool since Fox has been around so long and has a lot of friends around the league. You add in Elway's contacts and realistically there's a crap load of guys they could look it, but my first guess would be Del Rio makes a lot of sense.
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